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Clock Day '07 !!!

2007-08-16 15:08:03 by DelboyDylan

Got up, switched on computer, logged into newgrounds and spent the next 17 hours in the portal. It was a one hell of a challenge to keep up with the sheer volume of submissions. This is where Casualty's "Portal Guard" came in very handy.

However, the most challenging thing I found was voting 2 on submissions that clearly deserved to be blammed, especially when it was being submitted over and over and over again! Well, that's Clock Day for ya.

In the end I decided to call it quits once I had racked up just over 1,000 saves for the day (forget blams, didn't get a single one, lol).

I managed to get several noteworthy stat increases throughout the day, these being:

8,888 B/P
9,000 B/P
4,000 Saves
and the B/P rank of Sgt. Major!

Also as a result of Clock Day I managed to enter the Top 400 in B/P points! I actually went up 52 places from #415 to #363!

As fun as it was I'm glad it's over. Now here's to Clock Day '08 !!!


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